Give Change Make Change

Cancer Research UK, the largest charity in the UK, wanted to revolutionise online donations and they approached Weboo to help promote their latest product Give Change Make Change.

Weboo created a web site which matched existing branding. The web site clearly explained how the Give Change Make Change product worked and appealed to retailers as well as consumers.

Weboo also created a promotional video which was distributed through social media and shown at events to promote the product before it was launched. The video has been instrumental in helping Cancer Research UK to attract PR and partners.

Weboo have been great. The guys go out of their way to help and I’m really pleased with the work they’ve done for us. Even after was live, they have always been willing to help out with queries, however big or small. They came up with the suggestion to add a video to the site, and this has turned out to be a great tool for promoting the scheme, through increasing engagement across our viral and social media activity.

I highly recommend Weboo, they provide a great value, high quality service, without the frustrations often associated with working with a larger agency.

Jodie Nicholson, Marketing Manager, Cancer Research UK