Google has released a new site called ‘GoMo’ which talks about the amazing benefits of mobile sites. We really like it for its fantastic layout, its clean design, slick animations, and extensive use of JavaScript.

It has a document that helps agencies to learn about mobile, and I found one question in particular quite interesting. It was:

Q: I can’t afford to build a mobile site. Can it wait?

Weboo’s response to this question is: It depends on your industry, your appeal to people on-the-move, the country and demographic you’re targeting, and how you intend to recoup your mobile development costs. Unfortunately, mobile is still a nice-to-have alternative to a web site. I don’t believe many of Weboo’s current clients would see a significant uplift in web site traffic or sales by adding a mobile web site to their portfolio of marketing activities. I also suspect that many would include little or no on-going budget for a mobile site.

Google’s response was far more positive than Weboo’s: Sure it can wait…if you’re willing to risk missing out on a ton of business. Soon, more people will be accessing the Internet from mobile devices than desktop computers 1. By 2015, mobile commerce will reach $119 billion worldwide 2. Can you afford to wait while your competitors beat you to the punch?

Regardless of our clients’ current views on mobile, there is no doubt that it is quickly gaining momentum and will become a significant channel for web site traffic as time passes. The really big question is: When will mobile overtake desktop computers as the preferred and primary form of web browsing for the majority of web sites?