Brandwatch, a social media monitoring company, recently announced their sponsorship of Tweetcamp, an unconference about twitter. To support their promotion of the event they built a fantastic web and twitter mashup.

The system works like so:

  1. The system monitors twitter for the hashtag #tweetcamp
  2. As a twitter account tweets the hashtag more, they are rewarded with a place on the map. The more they tweet the more they ‘own’ on the map.
  3. Everyone starts at the campfire, then upgrade to a tent, a teepee, and the highest place on the map is ‘warden’ of the campsite.

Why is this so cool?

The site is great as it encourages users to hover over the map to see who owns it, and what their last tweet about tweetcamp said. It is a simple system that rewards loyalty and drives promotion of the hashtag via twitter. It also includes the number of tweets and other information presented in a highly visual manner. ┬áIt even includes sound effects and other ‘easter egg’ features that react when you click on the ducks!

Checkout the Tweetcamp twitter mashup at